Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks For Reading, See You in 2009-10

The preview of the 2009-10 season, below, will likely be the last post for some time, unless something unusually noteworthy occurs during the off-season. We'll get started again with season previews and anything else of note not long after the mid-October start of practices.

The break provides an opportunity to thank a few people for considerable support during the 2008-09 season.

Thanks, primarily, to my family for being excited about my opportunity to get involved with this blog and, then, for much-needed support and encouragement for keeping it going after a particular rough stretch this past November.

Thanks to MAAC administrators, particularly MAAC commissioner Rich Ensor, who offered the opportunity to create and write in this forum, and thanks to assistant commissioners Jill Skorarczak and Ken Taylor for their support and direction throughout the season.

Thanks to all the coaches, players, sports information personnel and, in many cases, fans for their cooperation and insights throughout the season.

Thanks to all of you who read the blog this season, and to those who reached out with comments and suggestions. The interest is very much appreciated.

I have covered the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference in one form or another, first as a sportswriter and, now, as a blogger, since Siena joined the league in 1989.

The conference has never disappointed, whether it be in a competitive situation or otherwise.

It is a league that fans (and writers) can be proud of. Things are done the right way. Players remain students first.

Coaches and players alike recognize the continued need to publicize the conference and are appreciative of not only media coverage but fan interest. As such, it's still possible for fans to get significantly "closer" to their favored program and have the type interaction with coaching staffs and players that usually doesn't happen at the high-major level of college basketball.

It makes the MAAC enjoyable to be around.

On top of everything else, it's a very good level of college basketball.

I look forward to a continuing my blogging efforts about the MAAC next season.

And, I hope you'll continue reading.


Bryan said...

Anyone have any idea what preseason tourneys maac teams are playing in next year? Those tourneys give us good chances for solid wins.

Vincent said...

Great job with your blog this season!
- Vin