Thursday, September 3, 2009

MAAC Represented Well in NBA Drafts

As promised, here's a list of all players from the MAAC, since the conference's beginning in the 1981-82 season, who have been drafted by the NBA. Included is draft slot and the team doing the selection.

Not all of the MAAC players picked actually played in the NBA. Some got cut prior to getting into an NBA game. Others opted not to attend NBA workouts, heading directly to pro careers overseas, and others didn't pursue pro basketball at all.

Also, the majority oa players were picked before 1990. Through 1985 the NBA's draft lasted 10 rounds. In 1986 the draft was cut to seven rounds and, after that, was limited to just two rounds. it's current length.

Here's the draft list, in chronological order:

1982: William Brown, Saint Peter's, 5th round, Boston Celtics.

1983: Pete DeBisschop, Fairfield, 4th round, Seattle SuperSonics.
Ed Bona, Fordham, 6th round, Phoenix Suns.
David Maxwell, Fordham, 8th round, San Diego Clippers

1984: Steve Burtt, Iona, 2nd round, Golden State Warriors
Ernie Floyd, Holy Cross, 5th round, Milwaukee Bucks
Gary Springer, Iona, 6th round, Philadelphia 76ers
Champ Godboldt, Holy Cross, 8th round, Boston Celtics
Phil Jamison, Saint Peter's, 10th round, New Jersey Nets

1985: Steve Black, La Salle, 3rd round, Philadelphia 76ers
Albert Butts, La Salle, 5th round, Boston Celtics
Ralph Lewis, La Salle, 6th round, Boston Celtics

1986: Jim McCaffrey, Holy Cross, 6th round, Phoenix Suns

1990: Lionel Simmons, La Salle, 1st round, Sacramento Kings

1991: Doug Overton, La Salle, 2nd round, Detroit Pistons
Sean Green, Iona, 2nd round, Indiana Pacers

1992: Randy Woods, La Salle, 1st round, Los Angeles Clippers

2004: Luis Flores, Manhattan, 2nd round, Houston Rockets

2007: Jared Jordan, Marist, 2nd round, Los Angeles Clippers

2008: Jason Thompson, Rider, 1st round, Sacramento Kings

The highest draft choice from the MAAC was Simmons, the seventh pick overall in 1990.

Thompson was the No. 12 pick overall in 2008. Woods, the other first-round pick was No. 16 overall in 1992.

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