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A Look at MAAC's All-Time Stat Leaders

Here’s a question that MAAC basketball fans/historians should know: Name the only two players from the conference to finish their careers with more than 3,000 points.

The answer is Lionel Simmons of La Salle (1986-90) with 3,217 career points and Keydren Clark of Saint Peter’s (2002-06) with 3,058.

And, now, the rest of this trivial pursuit won’t be that easy.

How about a guess on what player ranks No. 3 on that particular list?

That would be Kevin Houston of Army 91983-87) with 2,325 points. After him comes Juan Mendez of Niagara (2001-05) with 2,210 and Steve Burtt Sr. of Iona (1981-84) with 2,153.

The information comes from a publication recently released and provided to media members by the conference, the first compiled MAAC Record Book for all sports, not just basketball. It is a treasure trove of interesting tidbits, and great fodder for a blog.

The information was gathered by Jill Skotarczak, the MAAC’s assistant commissioner for media relations; and Ed Clinton, the conference’s director of media relations. It has been a year-long project of research and fact-checking and is provides information and perspective not previously available. It is much appreciated, and this blogger will share some basketball highlights.

While Simmons is the all-time leading point scorer, Clark is No. 1 in points per game average (25.9 to Simmons’ 24.6). Butt is No. 3 at 23.2, followed by Luis Flores of Manhattan (2001-04), 22.7; and Jim McCaffrey of Holy Cross (1984-86) 22.2.

Here are many other leaders for men:

Field goal percentage
1) Harry Hart of Iona (1991-93) .628.
2) Pete DeBisschop of Fairfield (1981-83) .603
3) Darrell Barley of Canisius (1992-96) .601
Active player Alex Franklin of Siena is No. 4 at .575 through Thanksgiving.

Free throw percentage
1) Luis Flores Manhattan (2001-04) .880
2) Kevin Houston of Army (1983-87) .869
3) Bo Larragan of Marist (1997-99) .863
Active player Nick Leon of Saint Peter’s is also at .863 through Thanksgiving.

And, a note: Siena’s Scott Knapp is actually the all-time leader in this category (.891) but wound up a few free throws short of the minimum 2.5 made per game to qualify for statistical leadership according to NCAA guidelines.

3-pointers made
1) Kedren Clark, 435
2) Will Whittington of Marist (2003-07) 362)
3) Jerry Johnston of Rider (2002-05) 326
4) Scott Knapp of Siena 293

3-point FG Percentage
1) Tim Legler of La Salle (1986-88) .456
2) Jim Cantamessa of Siena (1996-00) .449
3) Harris Mansell of Rider (2005-09) .443

Career Rebounds
1) Lionel Simmons of La Salle 1,429
2) Jason Thompson of Rider (2004-08) 1,171
3) Drew Henderson of Fairfield (1989-93) 1,080

Assists Per game
1) Jared Jordan of Marist (2003-07) 6.95
2) Glenn Williams of Holy Cross (1985-89) 6.21
3) Sean Kennedy of Marist (1998-02) 6.04

Blocked shots per game
1) Deng Gai of Fairfield (2001-05) 4.44
2) Harry Hart of Iona (1991-93) 2.67
3) Damon Lopez of Fordham (1988-90) 2.63

Steals per game
1) Jason Rowe of Loyola (1996-00) 2.86
2) Billy Wheeler of Manhattan (1986-88) 2.61
3) Randy Woods of La Salle (1989-92) 2.50

Assist-to-turnover ratio
1) Ronald Moore, Siena (2006-active) 2.58
2) Jared Jordan of Marist (2003-07) 2.52
3) Javone “Bam” Moore of Canisius (1993-97) 2.43

ALSO … a smattering of team statistics for men:

- Most points in a season: Siena holds the top two spots: 2862 points in 1999-00 and 2,829 points in the 1990-91 season. But, the Holy Cross team of 1987-88 has the best point-per-game average of 87.9, followed by the 1999-00 Siena team (86.7).

- Best-shooting teams: The 1984-85 Iona team shot .538 from the field. Saint Peter’s teams of 1981-82 and 1982-83 follow at .535 and .531, respectively.

- The 1997-98 Siena team is the only one in conference history to shoot over 80 percent (.803) from the foul line. The 2002-03 Manhattan team is next at .788, followed by the 1998-99 Siena team (.787).

COMING ATTRACTION: Taking a look at statistical leaders for women’s basketball.
And, here's a preview question ... name the conference's five women's players to finish with more than 2,000 career points.

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