Saturday, February 27, 2010

All-Star Picks, Tourney Preview on the Way

Here's a "programming note" for faithful blog readers ...

Check in early and often from now through the conference tournament. Your blogger will be putting up multiple posts daily, beginning tomorrow afternoon.

The conference's all-star teams will be released on Monday, the results of voting by league coaches.

But, on Sunday evening I'll post my all-star picks, the players the coaches should have chosen. We'll pick all stars for both men and women, rookie teams and top players.

After that, we'll do a report on every men's team, beginning Monday afternoon), looking back at each's season, the future and their chances at doing some damage in the MAAC tournament. We'll also do an in-depth look at the women's tournament.

We'll be at the MAAC tournament to provide around-the-clock coverage, blogging about games and other happenings throughout the tournament.

Hope you'll be reading.

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Mulldog said...

Looking forward to it.