Friday, March 22, 2013

Iona's "Chasing Cinderella" Is Must-Watch Video

They're brash and they're cocky, traits that might not endear them to every college basketball fan.

But, you have to love the Iona Gaels for how they remembered incoming recruit Mike Haynes, who was tragically shot and killed in his Chicago area hometown this summer barely a week before he was scheduled to arrive on the New Rochelle campus.

The Gaels spoke, immediately following their MAAC tournament championship, about how they dedicated their season to Haynes, and how Haynes was mentioned often every day as a source of inspiration and motivation.

And, now, there's a terrific Youtube piece on Iona, in which the first several minutes involve several of the team's players speaking about and remembering Haynes, who was expected to have a bright future in the MAAC.

Your technically challenged Hoopscribe can't figure out how to post a link, but the piece, done by SB Nation, can be found on youtube if one does a search for "Chasing Cinderella 2013 Iona's Inspirational run.

It's good stuff, and gives us another reason to root for the "underdog" Gaels in their quest to knock off No. 2 seed Ohio State in their game later tonight.

College sports, for sure, teach those involved lessons about dealing with life's adversities. And, the loss of a teammate at so young an age is certainly as hard a situation as any college athlete could ever face.

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