Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Team Reports, Recruiting Information Coming Soon

Call this a preview of coming attractions.

By now, most of the proverbial dust has settled around league programs. Coaches have moved on, and new ones have come in. Some players have moved on, and others have joined the league.

Much of the recruiting of incoming players is complete.

That means it's time for post-season team-by-team reports. We'll do one per team ... one for every men's and every women's team.

We'll start, later today, with the outgoing programs from Loyola as that school moves to the Patriot League. And, eventually, we'll finish off with newcomers Monmouth and Quinnipiac.

As usual, the reports will take a look back and a look ahead for conference teams. We'll also include a little bit about recruiting, but full-fledged recruiting reports will come later on.

After doing the Loyola reports, there probably won't be any particular order to the reports ... but, we'll do the teams together. If we do a report on a school's men's team, then the women's report will immediately follow.

And, one last bit of "preview" information: The Sporting News recently announced that it is resuming its preview issue for College Basketball, which it did not publish prior to last season.

After the one-year hiatus, the preview magazines returned first with an upcoming college football issue and, this fall, with the college basketball publication.

Your Hoopscribe will once again be responsible for previewing the MAAC. And, I will say that the one thing that has always set the preview magazines done by The Sporting News apart from other similar publications is that TSN consistently contracts with writers who directly cover the leagues about which they preview. That's not always the case, but it is with The Sporting News.

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