Sunday, July 7, 2013

Iona's Radio Voice Ed Ingles Receives Golf Award

A very nice, and well-deserved honor was received in recent weeks by Iona's veteran radio color commentator Ed Ingles.

Ingles recently was honored as the Lincoln Werden Golf Journalism Award at the 62nd Metropolitan Golf Writers dinner. Named after the late sportswriter for the New York Times, the Werden award is presented to a writer, broadcaster, photographer or artist for outstanding contributions in the field of golf journalism

Ingles, a pioneer of radio reporting, has covered 34 Masters Tournaments for CBS radio, as well as several U.S. Opens, British Opens and PGA Championships.

That Ingles was honored isn't much of a surprise. That he is 81 years old was the shocker here. Ingles remains active, vibrant and strong in his work.

Your scribe has been dabbling in radio color commentary for Siena women's basketball games for the past three years, and a greater appreciation comes from that for those who do it well.

And, there isn't anyone in the MAAC, or at the mid-major level of college basketball ... and, maybe, at any college basketball level ... who does it better than Ingles.

Your scribe has known Ingles since he began doing radio for Iona, alongside standout play-by-play man Gary Stanley, since 1995.

I've been a frequent Iona game halftime guest of Ingles, and one appearing in that capacity had better be knowledgeable and opinionated about the MAAC and its happenings because Ingles asks pertinent, insightful questions as well as anyone. And, he tosses in his own opinions, which are well researched and considered.

I have listened to dozens of his Iona broadcasts over the years, and he is among my favored radio voices at any level. That he lends a real air of professionalism to his work barely begins to describe how good and effective he is from behind a microphone.

Ingles joins a very distinguished group of individuals who have won the Werden award, including Jim Nantz, Peter Alliss, Dave Anderson and Dan Jenkins.

Anderson, the Pulitzer-Prize winning sports columnist for The New York Times, introduced Ingles at the dinner.

Anderson described Ingles as "an old forest, like the redwoods" for his 50-plus years of journalistic experience.

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