Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming Attraction: All-Time MAAC Hoops Highlights

Call this a preview of a coming attraction.

Top 10 lists seem to be in vogue. So, with that in mind, your Hoopscribe will compile his personal list of all-time MAAC basketball highlights to include both men's and women's events.

Because there have been so many memorable occurrences over the league's history, we'll probably come up with a "Terrific 20" list. We'll release the list one by one in reverse numerical order with some personal recollections and other insight about each highlight.

The list will include a little of everything ... big shots, personal achievements, big game results, tournament appearances, even eras of success. There certainly is much to chose from. And, if anyone has a suggestion ... I'll listen. Just drop a note in this blog's comment section.

Much of the list, though, will come from my own personal observations. Your blogger has actively covered the MAAC, in some form or other, since its beginning, first as reporter in Middletown, N.Y., covering Army basketball in the 1980s, when that program was still a MAAC member and, then, from New York's Capital Region beginning in 1985 as a newspaper reporter and, then, for the last five years with "Keepin' Track of the MAAC."

It should be an interesting and memory-provoking list. We hope to start getting the list on the blog by early September.

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