Sunday, February 23, 2014

Coming Up: Who Should Be On All-Star Teams

Here's a preview of coming attractions ...

It's always an enjoyable endeavor to take a stab at trying to predict the post-season all-star selections and top individual award winners, choices that will eventually be made by a vote of league coaches.

This year, though, we're going to get a jump on all of that and, in the next day or two, reveal who the coaches should be voting for.

In other words, we won't be trying to predict the award winners ... we'll be putting the players out there who should get the awards.

We do it for both men and women. First-team picks and top awards only.

Coaches traditionally turn in their ballots before the final weekend. But, our picks will be revealed in time for coaches to get some early advice, just in case they're still trying to determine their own choices.

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