Saturday, May 31, 2014

Manhattan's Steve Masiello Finishes Degree Work

Manhattan coach Steve Masiello, it seems, will soon be returning to that position after completing his coursework for an undergraduate degree from Kentucky. He will be awarded a degree in August.

Masiello, who took Manhattan to the NCAA Tournament with a 25-8 record this past season, has been on unpaid leave from Manhattan since April, shortly after it was revealed that he had not earned an undergraduate degree.

That information came out after Masiello accepted a 5-year, $5.4 million contract to coach at South Florida. A subsequent background check turned up that he was reportedly 10 credits short of graduating from Kentucky.

Manhattan also requires its coaches to have at least an undergraduate degree, but, it seems, school officials there had not done as complete a background check that would have turned up Masiello's undergraduate situation. Masiello has been Manhattan's coach for the past three years.

Manhattan administrators have said that they will reinstate Masiello once his degree requirement was completed during the current offseason. But, it does not appear that has been done yet.

Manhattan school officials have opted not to comment.

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