Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Reading Available About Tournament

Warning ... the following is an unpaid commercial endorsement.

If you want to read about the ongoing MAAC basketball tournament, the best place to do it is the Times Union Newspaper, which produced a very nicely written, nicely packaged preview section on Friday morning.

It looks like the Times Union will be the go-to newspaper for the tournament. That's something this humble blogger would never have said a few years ago when he was working at a competing area newspaper and, it says here, produced better coverage than anyone else of the event.

OK, maybe this humble blogger isn't so humble.

Siena beat writer Pete Iorizzo is worth the price of the paper by himself, and provides this blogger considerable enjoyment with his outstanding work not only during this tournament, but throughout the regular season.

The T-U had four writers/reporters/editors on site on Friday, more than the other local papers combined. If Friday's effort is any indication, then there is more good reading to come.

In an era where newspapers are facing huge financial struggles, staff sizes have diminished which means fewer available bodies to cover events like this.

That the T-U has four people here today shows that it continues to fight the good fight when it comes to covering local college basketball and the MAAC tournament in particular.

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