Monday, March 9, 2009

Tournament Sets Attendance Record

ALBANY, N.Y - A loud, enthusiastic crowd of 9,744 turned out to Monday night's nationally televised tournament championshipo game, helping set a record for total attendance for the event.

In all, 50,820 went through the Times Union Center turnstiles over the five days of the tournament, surpassing the previous mark of 50,087 in 2000 when the event was also held here.

Monday's crowd was the highest single-game turnout since a crowd of 11,844 came to see the 2000 championship game.

League officials say they remain open about other venues when they'll ultimately pick a single site for a three-year block (2012-through-2014).

But, this humble blogger has just one question ... if the tournament thrives here, and sets attendance records ... why go anywhere else?

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