Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jaspers' Pickett Declares for Draft

In case you missed it, Manhattan guard Rico Pickett has "declared" for the NBA draft.

What's next ... William Hung (of American Idol infamy) declaring his intent to perform in the New York Metropolitan Opera?

Pickett becomes the first underclassman in conference history to declare for the draft. The good news for the 6-foot-4 guard is that he said he will not enlist the aid of an agent, thus retaining the option of taking his name out of consideration and returning to school.

Pickett is a talented player, but certainly not the most-talented in the league and far from being as good as the handful of those from the conference who have gotten NBA minutes.

From several viewings of Pickett this season this blogger doesn't doubt that the Manhattan guard has a professional future. But it won't be in the NBA.

Pickett has already shown a rare ability to taunt opponents and stick his tongue out at an opposing coach, as he did on his way to a breakaway layup in a MAAC tournament game against Siena last month.

But his basketball ability hasn't reached the heights of his taunting and tongue work yet (and, likely, never will ... he has set the bar too high for that).

The very strong guess here is that Pickett, who might be this blogger's least-favorite conference player, will be back in a Manhattan uniform next season.

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