Thursday, April 1, 2010

MAAC Blog Still Active in Off-Season

A programing note ...

Please be aware that the MAAC blog is now a year-round operation.

Your blogger will continue to post through the off-season months, and there is always plenty to pass along.

Whether it's news about the proverbial coaching carousel, recruiting updates, a look back and a look ahead at each of the conference's programs, perspective, insight, opinion ... you can find it all here, and will find it here throughout the spring/summer and early fall months.

It's MAAC basketball, 12 months a year. Does it get any better than that.

The MAAC blog is an equal-opportunity site, too. If you're looking for reports on women's basketball, you'll find them here as well.

So, keep reading. Do it early, and often.

Many thanks for your continued interest.


EdB said...

this is a great blog, looking forward to the off-season opinions

Troy said...

this is more like siena blog ... shm ha

Troy said...

however, it is a great site w/ detailed and quality info!!

Steve Amedio said...

Troy --
I think if you look back, you'll see every school be well represented.
Obviously, Siena got the most posts because is has been, by far, the league's most-dominant team since this blog began.
When any team dominates like Siena has of late, it will be featured more.
On the women's side ... Marist has been featured moreso than any other team
Thanks for your interest. And, keep reading.