Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And, Add Patsos as Another Ring-Holder

And, yes, it was astutely pointed out to your hoopscribe that yet another national championship ring-holder was overlooked in recent postings about current MAAC connections who have been involved with titles on the sport's highest levels.

The latest oversight is Loyola coach Jimmy Patsos, who was an assistant coach with the 2001-02 Maryland team that captured that season's national championship. Thanks to Ryan Eigenbrode, Loyola's director of athletic communications, for bringing that omission to our attention.

And, we'll pause for a moment while the hoopscribe slaps himself in the back of the head, since a portion of Patsos' route to that season's national championship was personally witnessed.

That year Maryland's path through the NCAA tournament included a first-round victory over Siena, which yours truly attended and took note of Patsos via game programs/press notes. And, yes, your hoopscribe had certainly written in past bloggings and in stories elsewhere about Patsos and his Greyhound program that he was on the staff for a national championship.

His omission this time was merely a momentary brain cramp, if you will. And, thanks to Ryan Eigenbrode for jogging the memory banks.

For those keeping track, it means Loyola has a national championship winner (Patsos) directing its men's program and an NBA champion (Keith Booth) serving as an assistant within its women's program.

And, the very strong feeling here is that having such high-level ring-holders in a specific school's men's and women's MAAC programs has never before occurred.

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