Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perrotta to Fordham Mention is Meritless

In a surprising move that this blogger can't ever remember happening (without extenuating circumstances), Fordham fired men's basketball coach Dereck Whittenburg after the Rams' 1-4 start. Coaching changes just aren't made in mid-season.

But just as surprising is a list of potential candidates to replace Whittenburg, at least in the eyes of one particular media outlet.

There, in the last paragraph of Friday's story about the Whittenburg firing published in the New York Post, is this item: "Robert Morris head coach Mike Rice, Canisius head coach Tom Perrotta and St. John's assistant Freddy Quartelbaum _ all Fordham alumni _ are names that could be considered."

Say what? Tom Perrotta of Canisius could be considered?

Yours truly believes that Perrotta is a very good coach, and his work is beginning to show up in a program that was 4-2 in its last six games last seasons and is off to a 4-2 start to 2009-10.

But, including that 12-game run, Perrotta's record at Canisius is 33-66.

Shouldn't coaches have at least a measure of tangible success before their names get thrown around as candidates for a higher-level program?

The Post's "report" on potential replacements (after the current season) appears to be nothing more than the let's-throw-it-against-the-wall-and-hope-it-sticks variety.

No reputable media outlet would participate in such unfounded and unlikely speculation.

Oh ... almost forgot. This is the New York Post we're talking about. The Post hardly qualifies as a standard of "reputable," responsible journalist practices.

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