Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taking a Look at New Siena Blog

A few days ago your humble blogger was asked to participate in a Q&A setting by a blog, and, as always, was glad to spread the gospel of the MAAC.

The blog is called the Siena Saints blog ( and, as you would expect, is primarily devoted to Siena basketball. However, it does touch on a variety of other conference issues and happenings. Just be forewarned, though, the majority of its content involves the Siena program.

I "opined" mostly about Siena, but also about the conference's other prime contenders, Niagara and Rider. Some of the content is on the site already, with more to come. So, take a look.

My contact there was with Ryan Restivo, a 2008 Marist graduate who now does editing work for, and formerly worked with ESPN. Ryan is one of five individuals involved with the site, which has a nice look and provides some nice content.

Their mission, according to Ryan, is to be a one-stop shop for Siena fans (hopefully, shoppers will also browse your favorite MAAC blog ... the one you're reading right now ... early and often, too).

One of the Siena blog's regular features is "What we're reading," providing links to stories found elsewhere related to Siena and the MAAC. The site also delivers staff-produced previews, recaps and is beginning to do some in-game chats.

The individuals involved are college basketball fans. So, be advised that for true "reporting" ... breaking news, featurish stories, perspective, etc. ... your best sources remain daily newspapers that cover MAAC teams (and, the best at doing beat coverage is my friend Pete Iorizzo at the Albany Times Union), as well as this particular blog.

The daily newspapers, though, primarily cover a specific team. This blog is devoted to the MAAC in its entirety, including men's and women's basketball information. While your humble blogger admittedly will make more posts about the better teams, the aim is to spread the news, to some extent, about every program.

But, as far as a blog produced by college basketball fans for other college basketball fans, particularly those who follow Siena, then the Siena Saints blog is one of the better ones out there.

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