Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loyola Assistant Mosley Making Recovery

I can't claim to know Alisha Mosley, an assistant coach with the Loyola women's program, personally.

My only connection with her is a nod of the head, or a brief smile when our paths occassionally crossed at games. That, and the observation of how hard she works on the sidelines during games, of how passionate she is about what she does.

And, then, when yours truly was putting together a list of signed recruits to the conference's women's programs earlier this season, the Loyola sports information staff said the source of most of that information at Loyola, Mosley, was ill and hadn't been around the office.

Recently, the severity of her health situation has been reported. Double pneumonia, and a treatment that included a medically induced coma and more than six weeks in an intensive care unit.

"When she first went in (for treatment), they didn't think she'd make it," Mosley's mother, Vicky, told Associated Press repoter Doug Feinberg.

Now, it appears, Mosley's story will have a happy ending. She is reportedly showing significant signs of recovery in recent days and it sounds like she will make a full return to good health.

We might not know Alisha Mosley very well, but that doesn't mean we can't root for her, and root hard for her to make it back to Loyola's sidelines.

Situations like hers put athletics in perspective. When Mosley does eventually return to coaching, she will have recorded the biggest victory of her life.

Here's the link to the Associated Press story about Mosley's situation:

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