Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nice Sight: Dux Is Back For Canisius Game

The Canisius basketball fortunes haven’t always been the best in recent years, but one constant has been outstanding point guard play.

From Javon “Bam” Moore back in the mid-1990's through followers at the position Kevin Worley, Kevin Downey and, now Frank Turner, the Golden Griffs’ ball-handlers always seem not only to be among the league’s best but among your blogger’s favorites, too.

All have not only been superb on the court, but exemplary off it, too.

And, include in that group Brian Dux, a seemingly too-slender guard who used tenacity, intelligence and creativity to overcome his physical limitations to carve out a fine career (1,239 career points) over his Canisius career.

Dux’s post-Canisius life, though, took a severe turn for the worse when he was involved in a horrific car crash two years ago in England where he was playing professionally.

The accident left him with a difuse axonal injury to his brain, a condition which leaves 90 percent of its victims in a persistent coma.

According to a story written by Allen Wilson in Saturday’s Buffao News, doctors initially feared for Dux’s life. When he regained consciousness, he had partial paralysis in his left arm and leg and was unable to walk on his own.

This story has gotten better since then. Dux has worked as hard at making a return to full health as he ever did on the basketball court, where his worth ethic was unmatched.

On Friday night, a full house on hand for the Griffs’ game with Niagara at the Koessler Athletic Center, got a look at how their former guard’s recovery is coming as Dux attended the game.

According to Wilson, Dux came into the gym on his own two feet.

Wrote Wilson, “No wheelchair was needed, just assistance from a cane and a friend.”

That sight had to be more rewarding for those in attendance than any on-court result.

Here’s a link to Wilson’s story:

The best part? Dux’s indominable spirit remains unbroken.

I’ll play basketball again,” Dux told Wilson. “It’s just going to take time.”

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