Saturday, October 19, 2013

Marist's Giorgis Deserving of National Mid-Major Honor

This isn't meant as a knock against anyone. It's more of a voice of support for another individual while being critical of an on-line site that attempts to pass off expertise about our league which it clearly doesn't have.

The item that nearly had me choking on my coffee this particular morning is that the site in question, "College Sports Madness" recently announced its all Mid-Major level preseason all stars. It also named a top coach for that level.

The site's preseason Coach of the Year for the mid-major level is Tricia Fabbri of MAAC newcomer Quinnipiac. Fabbri is also the site's preseason choice for the MAAC's Coach of the Year.

We have no qualms about Fabbri, coincidentally a MAAC product (a Fairfield grad) being recognized as an outstanding coach. She has been at Quinnipiac since the start of the 1995-96 season, has directed that program into the Division I level and has had a great deal of success there. Her team even finished 30-2 overall last season as a member of the Northeast Conference.

But, where do we begin about the "College Sports Madness" recognition?

How about being named the MAAC's Preseason Coach of the Year by the internet site, despite having never coached a game, yet, in our conference?

And, how about being named the mid-major level's Coach of the Year when there is a far-more deserving individual within our own league.

Did "College Sports Madness" some how, some way overlook Brian Giorgis at Marist?

OK, Fabbri's Quinnipiac team did finish 30-2 a year ago (Marist was 26-8), but the program's former affiliation is recognized as a half step below the MAAC.

And, Quinnipiac's overall schedule last season didn't begin to approach the non-league slate Giorgis set up for his team, one rated one of the 10 toughest nationally for 2012-13.

Overall, Fabbri has 273 career victories as a coach in 18 seasons. Giorgis has 277 in 11 years.

To be fair, Quinnipiac was a fledgling Division I program for some of Fabbri's early years there. So, we'll compare only the past 11 seasons, or since Giorgis became the Marist coach.

Here are those records: Fabbri at Quinnipiac, 211-117. Giorgis at Marist, 277-77.

Giorgis' winning percentage of 78.2 is the fourth best nationally of any active coach. That's not just the mid-major level ... that's any level of the sport.

Fabbri was named the NEC's Coach of the Year for the 2012-13 season, and rightly so.

But for anyone from the MAAC,, other than Giorgis, to be recognized as the top mid-major level coach nationally ... well, someone didn't look closely enough. Or, doesn't have enough insight to be making such judgments.

It says here that Giorgis isn't just the best mid-major level coach in the country, but that he's one of the best nationally at any level.

To make a case otherwise is just plain wrong.

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