Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Preview of Coming Attractions: Much Ahead For Blog

The team-by-team recruiting/newcomer reports are done. So, what's next for "Keepin' Track of the MAAC?"

Plenty. A few weeks ago we mentioned that we would identify all-time top stories from our conference.

Your blogger had diligently been compiling a list that was originally meant to be a top 10. The quick realization was that there was just too much to limit it to that number.

So, the plan now is to go with a "Terrific 32," a number that matches the length of years of the conference's existence. And, believe me, there is no shortage of candidates.

Your blogger has been around for most of that, having covered the MAAC in some form or other since its very beginning. Back when the conference was formed in 1981 I was working for a newspaper in Middletown, N.Y., and covering then-conference member Army.

In 1985 I made a move back to New York's Capital Region and covered Siena, which joined the conference in 1989.

Since then, my MAAC coverage has been continuous, either at newspaper locales or via this blog.

The "Terrific 32" list will be self-produced, my own thoughts of the all-time best stories from men's and women's programs.

There is no criteria ... this won't be like the major league all-star game; each team won't necessarily be represented.

This will be an on-going process throughout the coming season. We'll be recalling one of the top stories every few days throughout the 2013-14 season. They will be in reverse order starting with No. 32 and, then, counting down to No. 1.

Each "highlight" will be relatively comprehensive, both with description and personal observations.

ALSO, as the season approaches we'll be producing the annual team previews for every men's and women's program.

Your blogger did a men's league preview for The Sporting News' annual College Basketball Preview Issue. But, space limitations of national publications of that sort make those previews relatively brief.

This blog has no such space limitations, so there will be plenty of insight about each and every MAAC program in the upcoming previews.

The team-by-team previews will start around the time of the beginning of non-league games and continue throughout most of November as we head toward conference play.

So, check in early and often not only for the upcoming team previews and the "Terrific 32" list, but plenty of other news, perspective, insight and just about anything else from around the MAAC.

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