Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two Sites Figure Marist Women As A No. 11 Seed

When it comes to an NCAA tournament seeding position, MAAC teams should be careful of what they wish for.

Sometimes a better seed isn't necessarily the best thing. Teams from most mid-major conference, at least at the MAAC's level, rarely can do better than a No. 10 or a No. 11 seeding spot.

Those positions create a nice opportunity for a semi-upset in the first round as a No. 11 would take on a No. 6. Any team seeded No. 6 would probably be somewhere south of the top 20 teams nationally, and our conference's NCAA women's representative, Marist, isn't too far from that territory.

But, an advancement to the second round by a team seeded 11th would bring about a meeting with a No. 3 seed, a team ranked in the top 12, in the second round. That creates more of a longshot upset scenario by the lower-seeded team.

Ideally, it's almost better to be somewhat overlooked by the selection committee and seeded No. 12 to face a No. 5 team in the opening round followed by a No. 4 in the second round.

Of course, there's also the prestige related to a higher-seeded position. And the Marist women's team might get that this year.

Two well-respected "bracketology" sites both figure the Red Foxes to be awared a No. 11 seed when the tournament field is announced on Monday evening.

Coincidentally, both sites figure Marist will meet California, as a No. 6 seed.

The ESPN bracketology site places No. 3-seeded Texas A & M on Marist's side of the bracket and the second-round opponent, provided there is no early upset, if both teams get there.

The College Sports Madness site figures a second-round No. 3 seed opponent Penn State for Marist.

It all remains to be seen, and Marist coach Brian Giorgis, immediately after his team's victory over Quinnipiac in the MAAC event's championship game Monday afternoon, figured his team would either get a No. 11 or a No. 12 seeding position.

And, of course, he was well aware that his team that went further in NCAA tournament play, his 2007 squad, won two NCAA contests, advancing to the Sweet 16 round that year as a No. 13 seed.

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